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Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Folding doors are the easiest way to really impact the entrance to a room, typically suited for kitchens and conservatories they provide a fantastic opportunity to open up the entire room normally onto a patio area or into the garden.


Sizes can range from a 2 pane sliding door set (same size as a set of french doors) onwards. Our largest set fitted is an incredible 8 panes wide finishing off at just over 8.5 meters wide. 


Constructed entirely from aluminium they are both very fitting in looks to most properties and buildings but also built to last the test of time with minimal maintenance. Being made from aluminium allows us to offer these door sets in thousands of colour options from the RAL colour chart so rest assured your door set can meet your expectations in both operational use and aesthetic appearance.

If the door set is featuring an odd number of panes then it also benefits from a independently opening passage door allowing the rest of the doors to remain closed whilst still being able to access the room beyond.

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