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Glass/Polycarbonate Conservatories

This is the traditional roof of most conservatories seen on the market. 

The option of having glass or poly-carbonate is entirely down to the usage of the room and what you, as a customer, feels will be best suited to your needs from the room. Both of these options are easy to install and replace individual units/panels and also benefit from no extra maintenance than an occasional clean the same as the rest of the windows and doors in your home. 


   -Glass roofs provide a warmer and quieter environment inside the conservatory and also have the benefit of you being able to see through perfectly transparent glass or make use of the benefit of our self cleaning glass or our solar reflective glass to keep the room cooler in the summer months.

   -Poly-carbonate roof systems allow a more private roof if, for example, your garden is overlooked by other houses and privacy is a issue that you want addressing. We can offer solar reflective poly-carbonate to keep your conservatory cooler in the summer months if you typically suffer from the greenhouse effect often found in these types of conservatories.

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