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Composite Doors

If quality and security is paramount to your choice of door then look no further. The Solidor© composite door is our most popular product by far but we also offer product from the sister company Residor©.


 -Solidor doors are built to last. The product is centralised around the 48mm solid timber door slab, these can be individually designed with various window styles and sizes alongside the choice of 23 different colours available for both the inside and outside. If none of the colour choices quite make your design your dream then we also offer a spraying service in which we can advise you on a colour choice to finish off the look of your new door. 

The Solidor has hundreds of hardware and door furniture options to choose from so you can fine tune the overall appearance of the finished product with options available for various types of locking mechanisms, different handles and hinges.

   -Residor doors are the sister company to Solidor. The doors available from their range are similar in design to Solidor although it is centralised around a GRP (foam filled) door slab and in such is not quite as efficient as its counterpart. 

All our doors are provided as standard with the 3 star industry leading Ultion door cylinder. upon installation of your door the cylinder and door can be registered with the respective companies to provide a £1000 guarantee that nobody will be able to force access through these products.

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