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Solid Roof Conservatories

The solid roof conservatory is a real game changer for the conservatory industry. This roof makes your brand new or existing conservatory a much more habitable and homely place that can regulate heat efficiently and provide you with a year round usable room. Both types of roof that we offer are fully insulated with over 150mm of insulation board then plaster-boarded and plastered to provide a more homely feel.


We offer two different types of roof available to you depending on what you would like the final look and feel of your conservatory to be:

  - Livin roof features a mix of glass units and aluminium panels to stay closer to the more traditional look of a conservatory from the outside, on the inside however it is both a mixture of a plastered ceiling and large open areas around the glass units allowing light to pour in. Also featured in this particular roof system is a "feature box" that runs around the perimeter of the roof on the inside which can feature many different fittings including down-lights or even built in speakers.

   - Tapco roof is more suited to those who wish to get away from the traditional roof look and blend the conservatory into the house as more of an extension through the use of a lightweight and realistically moulded plastic tile. This roof more commonly has more of a plastered ceiling with opening roof-lights and windows providing any additional light to come in through the roof. 

Please note that our roofing systems are complete removal and replacement, many inferior choices available on the market simply add insulation and plasterboard without checking the strength of the existing roof and frames. These options often cause structural damage to the existing conservatory.

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