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Composite Doors

All composite doors that we offer are of the high industry standards that we have come to expect as standard from any product we offer.

Whilst choosing your new doors there are a great deal of variables to take into account that we can happily assist and advise you on what would be best for your home. These variables include differences in colour, Lock design and Door furniture (handles, letter boxes etc).

As standard however there are a couple things that you can fully rely on and are among many of the reasons that we offer this door as one of our products.

  • Solidor Doors are as standard 48mm thick which is a minimum of 10% thicker than other doors in the same price range. 

  • These doors are made up of a solid timber core to ensure maximum security through the door slab itself.

  • Colourfast technology that provides "through colour" which means if the door sustains a surface scratch or other minor damage the colour runs all the way through the skin instead of a paint or stain on the surface of the door.

  • Ultion door cylinders which are among the highest in door key security on the market. (unless other arrangements are made)

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